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The Eurodisco genre had it's climax between 92-96. But it continues to be a successful concept. The Swedish eurodisco Gods E-Type & Dr Alban are still active and producing one hit after another. During the 'Golden years' of eurodisco artist like Pandora, Ice Mc, Cappella, Captain Hollywood and Culture Beat ruled the dancefloors.

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  • Wanna Make You Dance!

  • Cyberspace - The Translation Frontier

  • Feel iT - The New Single Released MAY 19:th!

The single Feel iT, Composed, Recorded, Promoted, Designed, Released and Produced by myself Mr Eurodisco will be available on 250+ online places within a couple of days. Already now you can get it on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify Webplayer, Spotify Program, WiMP and Google Play. Other prominent shops you will soon be able to get the single from are:

AmazonMP3, 7Digital, Nokia Music, Rhapsody (Napster), Deezer, Juno download, eMusic, CDON, and The Euro Trance Chart.

The song itself is a strange mix of Psy-Trance, Euroclub, Eurodance, Techno and something else, it's just very different and unique. Not like anything you have heard before -good reason to listen to it at least once!

[New Single Feel iT now on Spotify]

Mr Eurodisco in the media:
Sell Out Records, Very Cool Tunes, Ed Tyll Show (USA Radio), JamSphere (Indie music magazine & radio network)

  • Eurobeat - Now with Music Video

The hit single EUROBEAT, which I made together with my brother BLACKBIRD, now has an amazing music video! The song itself is inspired by the eurodisco sound of the mid 90s and artists like E-type and Basic Element, but the video is so 2014 - check it out! And Yes it is Mr Eurodisco himself singing (with a few Blackbird digital tricks and tweaks) and the lyrics are also written by Mr Eurodisco. This song is available on Spotify, iTunes, WiMP, Google Play etc if you want to add it to any of your playlists. The music video is in full HD 1920x1080 quality. Enjoy!

[Eurobeat Music Video (Blackbird Radio Edit) by Mr Eurodisco]

  • Are you an Artist/Musician? Do you struggle to get your music heard and played?

MusicSUBMIT enables you to get your music in front of thousands of listeners. MusicSUBMIT submitted an average of 120 artists in all genres for each month of 2013.

Your submission process commence when you signup for a MusicSUBMIT account and select a submission package. Your songs will be delivered to a bunch of Internet based music resources like: Radio Stations, Online Music Magazines & Publications, Blogs, Music Communities, Podcasts, Labels and detailed reporting about when and where your music was accepted.

Let me help you get your music listened to and played. I review music submissions for MusicSUBMIT and pre-approve artists that are good and have potential.

[Click here to learn more about this service and how to signup! it's FREE!]

  • Eurodanceweb 2013 competition winner is Adelén from Norway

To my great delight ADELÉN with the song BOMBO sprung to victory in the Eurodanceweb competition. With the highest score ever (284 points) and with a record distance to the second place there was really no question about this years winner! Congratulations Adelén and Happy New Year everyone!

[Eurodanceweb 2013 competition results]

  • LIGHTS - THE MOVIE, Music Video from November LIGHTS @ Tele2 Arena Stockholm 30 Nov

The recently built Tele 2 Arena was turned into the Nordics largest night club during the LIGHTS festival - Sweden’s first indoor festival for Electronic Dance Music. A light in the darkness for tired winter souls. You can listen to the official song for LIGHTS here to the left by Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman.

Mr Eurodisco & Blackbird were of course present at this event to feel the pulse and record some amazing video clips with pitch perfect sound and video quality thanks to the superb Nokia N900. No other mobile phone comes close to capture high quality live video and audio from concerts like this one. Here it is LIGHTS - THE MOVIE!

[LIGHTS - THE MOVIE by Mr Eurodisco]

  • EURODANCE NEWS: 2013 Eurodanceweb Award

The 34 nominees from the European dance music scene are now selected and YOU can vote for your favorite Eurodance artist or group. Which one will get the prestigious prize this year? Mr Eurodisco and Blackbird are also part of the Eurodanceweb Award Jury this year and we have now placed our votes. We were asked to select our top 15 songs. But it's really up to you to decide. It's time to listen to the entries and place your vote! My personal top votes went to 'RIGHTLESS - YOU'RE THE ONE' from France and 'ADELÉN - BOMBO' from Norway, check out the video and you will understand..

[Eurodanceweb Award]

  • Christmas 2013 is getting closer

Why not start practising your Xmas vocals with the famous Star of Bethlehem song with lyrics. You can also download the instrumental mp3 version by DJ Blackbird for free and use as a ringtone now during the upcoming Christmas rush, to get in the right mood. This song page is also available in Swedish, since it was originally written by the Swede Viktor Rydberg (in 1891) as a poem and later Alice Tegnér composed music for it (in 1893).

[The Star of Bethlehem (Glow Above Lake and Shore)]

  • MP3 Music Search Engine

Looking for free MP3 music to download? Have a look at my mp3 music archive and test the mp3 music search engine.

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    • Dance Music Link Exchange

Do you have a site that is dedicated to techno, eurodisco or trance?

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  • Music production

Need to have music created for you? We (Mr Eurodisco & DJ Blackbird) can do it for you!

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  • MIDI Music Search Engine

Looking for free midi music to download? Have a look in my midi archive and test the midi music search engine.

[Midi Music Collection]


  • EURODISCO GAME - Visual Basic Game with Eurodance Music

Are you bored? Want something fun to do? Let's play this game I made in visual Basic. It's not the most advanced 3D graphics and effects you've ever seen but if you like dance music you will have a lot of fun with this Eurodisco game. It's the first and only eurodisco aracade game in history! Download the game at the bottom of this page by clicking on the link below. Try it!

[Download Eurobricks]


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  • Extreme 3D Racing - FREE Online Game

Extreme 3D Racing Free Online Game on mr-eurodisco.com

This is a really fun Game where you race around in a 3D environment with your car, it's like Supermario Bros but with a Car in 3D, it has great graphics and it's addictive so be warned..

[Play X-treme 3D Racing Online]

Make sure you join me on Facebook, that way you will know instantly when I have new free mp3 songs ready for you to download. Usually I will release final Master Mixes on the Download page before it's officially released on Spotify, iTunes, Napster, Wimp etc. Then that song will be removed and/or replaced with a mix in lower quality like 96kbps. If you like my Facebook page you will be notified when there is new cool stuff to download and hence you won't miss the chance to get my songs for FREE, before they are only available in high quality on streaming and download services like the ones mentioned before.

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  • Blackbird

My brother has a superb talent for creating all kinds of music on his computer and a couple of other strange boxes and sound generators. He is featured on the compilation 'A Trip in Trance' with the fat beat 'In the Night', along with renowned names like Tiësto, Paul Van Dyk and Darren Tate. For all you Swedish fans out there Tiësto plays November 30 @ Tele2 Arena, Stockholm, Sweden!

[Listen to Blackbird's music]

  • Mobile Composer - Create music with your phone

How do you create an innovate music application for a mobile phone? Check out DJ Blackbird's degree project:

[Blackbird's Degree Project]

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  • Listen and Download Mr Eurodisco's music:

Mr Eurodisco's eurodance/trance/techno music is now available online from these services. Pick the one you prefer and start listening to my awesome tunes!

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  • Free Online Game

Are you smarter than your smartphone? Play this Game online and see if you have high enough IQ to survive without it..

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  • Who is Mr Eurodisco Anyway?

Curious about who I am? Don't leave this site without satisfying your thirst for knowledge. If you read this far on the page you might as well continue.

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  • Freelancing Services at your disposal!

Mr Eurodisco & DJ Blackbird offers a wide range of outsourcing/freelancing services. Can we help You with something?

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  • The World Famous Tetris Game - Play it Online

Picture of Tetris clone Tetrix 2 Egyptian

This is a modern clone of the world famous Tetris game originally created in 1984 by the Russian computer scientist Alexey Pajitnov. Nintendo licensed the game and released it together with the Game Boy handheld device in 1989, and the rest is history. It has been purchased on mobile phones alone over 100 million times. This Tetris version is called Tetrix 2 - Egyptian and it's true to the original concept but with a little smoother high res graphics of course. Did you know that playing Tetris can actually change your brain on a physical level and make you smarter? Read some amazing fun facts and learn more about the history and creator of this game here: Read The TETRIS FAQ. If you like the original Russian Tetris music you should also have a look at this music video where Tetris goes Metal - yeah! with a guy playing the russian style melodies on an electric guitar - a must see!
You can also find more Tetris info and music links for different Tetris song remixes in Spotify on this this page.

[Play Tetris (Tetrix 2 Egyptian) Online]

  • Articles, Essays and Theses in English & Swedish


Main Theses - Finance, Business Strategy & Investments Are You interested in industry analysis, competitor analysis and business strategy? or are you a finance person with a propensity for investment models? Mr Eurodisco has now made his state-of-the-art top grade theses available online! Master Thesis:
[Be SMART and create a portfolio that will beat the market in both theory and practice - The Development and Evaluation of the SMART Investment Model]
and the Bachelor Thesis:
[Competitor Analysis]

Featured Articles:
[Deep in the Caribbean - Short story/Flash Fiction]

Articles, Essays and Theses in English & Swedish [Enter the archive with Essays, Articles and Theses]

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