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Do you want an Excel macro to automate some of your manual work? But you don't know how to program MS Excel macros in Visual Basic?

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Excel macro programming image of Visual Basic (VBA) code to automate a manual process and save a lot of time

Visual Basic macro programming for Excel

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Mr Eurodisco entry page for Excel macro programming in: Visual Basic or VBA

Looking for a programmer for Excel macros?: Excel macro programmer and VBA programmer

Mr Eurodisco is a Swedish macro programmer with knowledge and skills in several programming languages. It all started back in the days when he got his first Commodore 64 computer. It had a built in Basic interpreter which you could write simple programs in. Mr Eurodisco was immediately stuck with the cumputer ever since. To be able to tell the computer to do things that was awesome! Years went by and I learned programming in Turbo Pascal, GW Basic (yes that old dos thing in the black window), QBasic, C/C++ and I even went to University and learned some JAVA programming too. Basic, however, has always been with me in one way or another and when I had to automate time-consuming work on my jobs I started to dive into Visual Basic programming again. It's a little different to program for Excel and there are a lot of new commands and everything, but if you know Basic programming you have a distinct advantage when you try to unravel the mysteries of Excel macro programming. So here I am with my own company today. Doing a little bit of everything from music production to translation. You could say I finally turned my hobbies into profit! Or at least I transformed my interest to a way of living. No need to go to that 9-18 job any more. Thank god for that. My sole was rotting away on those office desk jobs, dealing with outsurced "support" units in India that only created more problems than they solved and things like that. Making money for others wasn't part of my life plan either. Hence my destiny was always to start my own business. I'm just disappointed that I didn't take the step earlier. Anyway you are here to order some macro programs for Excel from me right? Let's hear what you have in mind. Contact me by clicking on the link below:

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Code example of one of the Excel macros I have programmed:

Excel Visual Basic code example for a macro programming done by Mr Eurodisco

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