VAT Calc App for your mobile phone – free!

VAT calc app

Free Tax-App for your mobile to calculate VAT rates in the UK including Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland! Free economic app. Now you can download the brand new VAT calculator to your mobile. With the help of this mobile app, you can quickly and easily figure out both the VAT and TOTAL amount you will have to invoice your customer.

Calculate VAT on mobile phones

Now you don’t have to look for your calculator anymore, that you put in some place where you think you will remember where you put it, but often one is a bit too clever when placing things and they will end up in a hidden spot where you never find it.. It’s better to use this mobile app because you can not call your calculator to find out where it is. But when you have the VAT calc app on your mobile you can call it and find it at once!

And, and it is a big AND, usually the cell phone is never more than an arm’s length away.

Avoid the standard calculator – use a mobile app instead

This FREE VAT (tax) calculator was developed by Fredrik Åkerström for Andriod mobile devices and tablets, and all other hand-held mini-computers and smartphones running Android. I’m sorry all iPhone users, but the free VAT calculator is not available today for the iPhone because it is considerably more challenging to get started with the app development for iPhone, iPads, and Android now has 85% market share for smartphones. But the idea is that it will come apps eventually for iOS (iPhone) in the future because the iPhone is widely used in Sweden and I also run the Swedish Accounting and Finance blog “” which is very focused on the Swedish market which in turn has a very high iPhone penetration. Naturally, I would like to satisfy my Swedish readers as well.

Update: Universal VAT calculator now available for iOS devices.

Download the VAT-CALC Android app to your mobile now!

Calculate VAT backwards

You can also calculate the VAT in the other direction: What is the price without VAT? This is good when you need to find out the cost of something where VAT is included but the underlying price (cost) is not specified.

Online calculator for reverse VAT calc

Calculate VAT in reverse direction

Reverse VAT calc

Download the Reverse-VAT-Calc here

iPhone versions of apps i.e. Reverse VAT calc

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