Accounting & Finance Blog is the English version of Momsens.se which is in Swedish. It will not be exactly the same since the Swedish blog deals with VAT and Tax issues only relevant to Swedish businesses. This will be a more international version, discussing accounting problems and solutions in a more general way that will be applicable to all businesses around the world. This accounting and Finance Blog will however still focus on Sole Proprietorships, just like the Swedish version.

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  1. Kity Yip

    Hello!Happy new year!
    I am sorry if I have disturbed you.
    I am a Chinese intermediary company for international VAT located in China, named JIANKE consult co.ltd. helping many customers in China who are selling goods online,like Amazon/Ebay/Aliexpress. Some of them have registered the British VAT, and they now want to immediately register the VAT in Germany and then apply for tax returns. Could you give us your most cost-effective or lowest cooperation price of the VAT registeration 、the monthly tax filling 、annual tax summary and your package price of the whole year? I think we could have a good and long-term cooperation.
    Hope for your reply.
    Best wishes!

    1. mreurodiscofinanceblog (Post author)

      This blog does not provide accounting services like that, it only provides advice or individually tailored answers and solutions to accounting problems, but there is no traditional accounting firm service in that sense that you can outsource the accounting to us.

  2. Herbert

    I like to find out how I can claim VAT as a tourist traveling through EU.
    I am planning to buy a camera set while in London. We will then fly into Croatia from Luton. We will travel overland into Bosnia for a day and then back into Croatia before continuing on for 2 weeks to several EU countries. We will leave EU for Singapore, flying out from Prague.
    1) we cannot claim UK VAT refund when leaving for Croatia?
    2) can we claim the UK VAT refund when leaving EU altogether at the end, at Prague?
    3) is crossing overland and back from Bosnia likely to complicate the claim?
    4) if (3) is possible, how do I do so|


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