Free Currency Exchange Rates

Currency exchange rates

Real-time exchange rates for different currencies. Follow exchange rates live and free of charge. Real-time exchange rates for USD, EUR and GBP as well as Nordic currencies NOK (Norwegian krone), SEK (Swedish krona) and DKK (Danish krone).

What is the dollar’s current exchange rate against the Euro? Where can you see the intraday exchange rates for currencies? What is the EUR / USD exchange rate today? What is the USD / EUR exchange rate in real-time? How much has the British Pound changed against the Euro during the day? How does the Euro stand up against the British Pound?

Real-time exchange rates for USD, CHF, and GBP against EUR

Check at any time of the day how the American dollar changes against the Euro currency. This page doesn’t just show you the closing prices but also the actual value during the intra-day. Not just minute by minute, the live changes occur within a second and are displayed with incredible accuracy!

Currency converter

Exchange rates (real-time):


Free exchange rates in real-time

Here you can see the current global currencies with minimal delay against the EUR (e.g. British Pound (GBP), Japanese YEN (JPY), Swiss Franc (CHF), and more). The table offers a high update rate, the ticker is updated several times per second.

Real-time exchange rates for Nordic currencies NOK, DKK, SEK, ISK

On this page, you can also see the exchange rates for Nordic currencies like Norwegian NOK, Danish DKK, and Swedish SEK.

Currency rates in German

Currency rates in Finnish

Currency rates in Swedish

Currency rates in Danish

Which currencies can be viewed in real-time?

Some of the currency pairs displayed live on this page:

Real-Time Foreign Exchange Rates

GBP/EUR (£ – British pound)
NOK/EUR (Norwegian kroner)
DKK/EUR (Danish krone)
SEK/EUR (Swedish krona)
CHF/EUR (Swiss franc)
JPY/EUR (Japanese yen)
PLN/EUR (Poland Złoty)
HKD/EUR (Hong Kong dollar)
RUB/EUR (Russian rouble)
BTC/EUR (Bitcoin)

More currency pairs will be added to the table in the future.


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