VAT rates in Sweden

VAT rates in Sweden

Swedish VAT levels. What is the VAT in Sweden? How many different VAT rates are there in the Swedish VAT system? What is the VAT for hotel and taxi in Sweden?

Swedish VAT rates

In Sweden, there are 3 VAT rate levels, or four if you count the zero rate.

Standard VAT rate: 25 percent

Reduced rates: 12% and 6%

Swedish VAT rate for electronic services can be found here

Items and services with 12% VAT in Sweden:

  • Food and drinks (except alcohol)
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Restaurant services (except alcohol)
  • Small repairs of bicycles, shoes, leather garments, clothes and similar.

Products and services with 6% VAT in Sweden:

  • Books and newspapers (not e-books which are 25%)
  • Notes, printed maps, navigation charts, drawing books for kids
  • Passenger transport, taxi
  • Some sporting and cultural events, opera tickets
  • Copyright related cultural work of art
  • Article writing and translation of books and novels
  • Transfer of copyrights
  • Digital books and newspapers with a physical counterpart (since 1 July 2019)

A more in-depth description of the Swedish VAT rates are available in Swedish here if you are from Sweden or can speak Swedish


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