Filter spam stats from GA the latest in a line of spam-traffic-domains in Google Analytics. There are now new ones emerging on a daily basis. A new that was discovered today is, but maybe it is old and re-launched again since the page is old and appears to have been set up long ago. It is just like the others. The webmaster will be googling the new domain that has appeared in the list of Google Analytics referral traffic sources. Great, a new page has linked to me! But no, it’s just fake traffic that leads to a page where you can buy jewellery… – more advanced

What’s new about is that it also sets a screen resolution of 1366×768 and it leads to the well known spam domain. Previously I have been able to filter these spam domains with a rather advanced and intelligent procedure. I simply block domains that lack screen resolution “(not set)” in Google Analytics. But now the spammer managed to generate a screen resolution also in the statistics for, which means you cannot sort out all traffic that does not have ‘x‘ in the screen resolution value. This technique blocked virtually all fake traffic in GA until now.

I have not revealed this technique publically since I didn’t want the spammers to know how I manage to block them. But now the spammers have realized that they missed a loophole that could block all their fake traffic. I need to find a new catch-all method. Since my secret blocking method no longer works 100% I share the technique with the public. It is blocking all previous fake-referral traffic and is still very effective, but it is only a matter of time before the spammers start to generate fake monitor resolutions for all domains that appear in GA. Click here to install a segment filter that I created that sorts out traffic that lacks screen resolution and traffic from the city of Samara in Russia:

Who sends the spam traffic into Google Analytics?

It is apparently an individual or group who is behind almost all fake traffic in GA. I have traced the sender to Samara, Russia. His name is Vitaly Popov, because he is so kind and visit us in our Google analytics accounts I thought it would be just as nice if the world comes to visit him at his home. Here is his personal data: | Street: Aurory street 70-141 | Postcode: 443070, Samara, Samarskaya Oblast province, Russia | Phone: + 7-9608143259, + 7-8462791590 | Linked-in profile?

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