World’s 8 most expensive items


Most expensive products in the world. What is the highest priced item in the world? If you were Bill Gates or Warren Buffett what would you buy to get rid of some money quickly? In fact, one of these items was actually purchased by Bill Gates, which one do you think it is?

Product Description Price in USD
1. House (Antilla, Bombay) 27 story, 40000 sqft 1000000000
2. Book (Codex Leicester) Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebook 30800000
3. Internet domain name ( Purchased by QuinStreet 16000000
4. Wedding dress (created by Strauss/Martin Katz) 150-carat diamonds 12000000
5. Bed (Baldacchino Supreme) 107Kg of 24k gold 6300000
6. WC (Hang Fung Gold Toilet) 24k Gold Toilet 5000000
7. Purse (1001 Nights Diamond Purse) 4500 diamonds/381 carat 3800000
8. Wine (Th.J 1787 Chateau Lafitte) Anno 1787 160000

Source: StatisticsBrain

Answer: Bill Gates bought this item.

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