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Running from the VAT nightmare in the EU?

VAT rates in EU countries. What is the VAT rate in the UK? How much sales tax is applied in France? Where do I find VAT rates for an EU country? How much is the VAT in 2017? VAT in Europe? Where can you find EU VAT rates for all member countries?

Many businesses and organisations need to know the VAT rates in other EU countries for bookkeeping and accounting or just for information purposes. But they can be hard to track down, and it could be difficult to find an updated list of EU VAT rates because they change all the time.

The minimum rate for VAT in EU is 15% for the standard rate. The minimum VAT rate for the reduced rate is 5%, but not all countries follow this policy (France, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Luxembourg, and Spain).


Officially EU only allows two separate reduced VAT rates, but that is obeyed neither by France, Italy, Ireland, Austria nor Luxembourg.  Several countries have an extra VAT tariff for parking fees and some other stuff. Luxembourg is undoubtedly the black sheep when it comes to VAT and Taxes in the EU. Arising from a specialisation as Tax heaven, this is understandable, but also illustrates the madness of trying to have a common market with so many different VAT and TAX systems. However, Luxembourg has started to conform better today, especially after abolishing the super-reduced rate of 3% for digital services.

VAT rate in each EU country

LAND VAT R1 R2 Rx Term Description
21% 6% 12% BTW Belasting over de toegevoegde waarde
TVA Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée
MWSt Mehrwertsteuer
20% 9% 5% ДДС Данък върху добавената стойност
19% 9% 5% ΦΠΑ Φόρος Προστιθέμενης Αξίας
25% moms Meromsætningsafgift
20% 9% km Käibemaks
24% 14% 10% alv Arvonlisävero
moms mervärdesskatt
20% 10% 5.50% 2.10% TVA Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée
24% 13% 6% ΦΠΑ Φόρος Προστιθέμενης Αξίας
(16%) (9%) (5%)
23% 13.50% 4.80% 9% VAT Value Added Tax (engelsk)
CBL Cáin Bhreisluacha (gaelisk)
22% 10% 4% 5% IVA Imposta sul Valore Aggiunto
Croatia 25% 13% 5% PDV Porez na dodanu vrijednost
21% 12% 5% PVN Pievienotās vērtības nodoklis
21% 9% 5% PVM Pridetines vertes mokestis
Luxembourg 16% 8% 3% 13% TVA Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée
18% 7% 5% VAT Taxxa tal-Valur Mizjud
21% 9% BTW Belasting toegevoegde waarde

COUNTRY VAT R1 R2 Rx Term Description
23% 8% 5% PTU Podatek od towarów i uslug
23% 13% 6% IVA Imposto sobre o Valor Acrescentado
(Madeira:22%/12%/5%) (Azores:16%/9%/4%)
Romania 19% 9% 5% TVA Taxa pe valoarea adaugata
20% 10% DPH Dan z pridanej hodnoty
Slovenia 22% 9.50% 5% DDV Davek na dodano vrednost
Spain *
21% 10% 4% IVA Impuesto sobre el valor añadido
IGIC Impuesto General Indirecto Canario
20% 5% VAT Value Added Tax
United Kingdom
25% 12% 6% moms Mervärdesskatt
Czech Republic
21% 15% 10% DPH Dan z pridané hodnoty
19% 7% MwSt Mehrwertsteuer
USt. /Umsatzsteuer
27% 18% 5% ÁFA Általános forgalmi adó
20% 10% 13% 12% USt. Umsatzsteuer

Table updated: 16 JAN 2023.

*1) The Canary Islands have 7% (6,5% 2019) but are not included in the EU VAT rates area

Netherlands raised their 6% rate to 9% in 2019.

EU-VAT Cheatsheet

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